Our age groups are recommendations for most children, the following information should help explain everything about each class, and you can always get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.


Minis 3-5 years

This class is ideal for introducing young children to fundamental skills like balance, coordination, and the ability to follow instructions, all essential elements of basketball. Grownups are encouraged to assist their Ballerz throughout.

The class involves play-based activities to encourage participation at a very early stage. Core skills such as balance, throwing and catching, and coordination are gradually introduced, contributing to the growth of your child's confidence week by week. As the weeks progress, they will become more comfortable with the other children in their class. To aid in adapting to dribbling, passing and shooting, smaller size 3 basketballs will be utilised as well as lower hoops.


Littles 6-8 years

At the Littles classes, the Ballerz will build upon the core skills previously introduced to them either with us or participating in other sports.

Grownups are not required to assist. However, their presence for the entire duration is necessary. Teamwork is emphasised, encouraging children to venture beyond their comfort zones. They will be introduced to a larger, size 5 ball with taller hoops, encouraging them to concentrate on spatial awareness, accuracy, and the timing of their dribbling. Cooperation becomes crucial at this stage, highlighting the essence of teamwork in basketball with matches incorporated in some way during the class.


Bigs 9-14 years

Now that your child is older and may possess the fundamentals of basketball, more attention will be dedicated to shooting, passing, dribbling, and manoeuvring with the ball around the court. Don't worry; if you are a beginner, we will help you learn the basics of basketball during your first few classes.

There is also now an increased emphasis on the understanding of basketball and applying game-based rules to matches.


Do you have a question about our classes or age categories? Feel free to reach out to us.

Our age groups serve as a reference, and if you believe that a different age group might be more suitable for your child, please let us know

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