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1. What days does Young Ballerz Basketball run?

Currently, we have basketball classes running across a variety of days across several locations, for up-to-date class information, to make a booking or book a FREE trial, click here to Book a Class.


2. Where are you located?

We are currently located in Basildon, Rayleigh, Romford, Hornchurch Southend and Thurrock. All of these have state-of-the-art facilities with adjustable hoops, suitable for all ages. As a growing company, we are planning to open new classes in other locations throughout Essex/London and beyond.

If you are interested in becoming a Young Ballerz Basketball franchise owner, check out our Franchising page or contact us.


3. How do I pay for Young Ballerz Basketball?

Your first class with us are FREE as a trial with the remainder of the term required upfront before your child attends, which streamlines the booking process.

Payments are taken securely via Stripe.


4. Are all your staff qualified to coach and look after children?

Yes. All our staff will go through our rigorous screening process, which includes on-the-job training, qualification & enhanced DBS checks. All Head and Lead coaches will also possess at least a Level 2 coaching badge. This ensures that all staff members are fit to work with children and are good at it!


5. What can we expect from a Young Ballerz Basketball Class?

Your child will above all have fun at all Young Ballerz Basketball classes. We are here to encourage them, ensure they have fun, participate, and increase their social confidence. Our coaches will adapt and change any of the Classes where needed. We always aim to operate our classes in a pressure-free environment.


6. What do your classes cost?

Each location's class cost may vary, please check each venue at the time of booking. Fees are payable for the remainder of the term after your child's FREE trial.


7. How does the free trial class work?

To ensure your child is comfortable with our classes, we offer them the chance to try us out for FREE, giving you peace of mind before committing to a full term's fees.


8. How long are the classes?

All classes will run for 45 minutes with time allocated before and after to allow you to speak to the coaches about your Ballerz.


9. What does my child need to bring?

A water bottle is a must and maybe a healthy snack for after the class.


10. What should my child wear?

Please see Class Etiquette here for full details.


11. How serious is the coaching?

We have developed these classes for your child to have fun, participate and increase social confidence. Skills and techniques will be introduced but we do not force children to learn in a certain way. Our aim is to give them the tools they need to progress further within the sport of basketball and above all to have lots of fun.


12. Will my child play in any matches or competitons against other teams?

We take pride in offering enjoyable and interactive classes tailored to children of various abilities. Our belief is centered around prioritising fun as the core component of our classes, as we understand it fosters ongoing engagement. We do not participate in leagues or arrange competitions with other organisations. However, at the end of each term, we host an event where children can demonstrate their newfound skills in a safe and enjoyable environment. Children within a specified area are invited to interact with peers from other classes in their area and age group.

Here's what to expect based on your age group:

  • Minis: You'll join a larger class with additional coaches and participate in activities similar to those in your regular class.
  • Littles: You'll engage in small, organised matches against other classes in your area, with some flexibility in rules to accommodate learning.
  • Bigs: Similar to Littles, you'll partake in small, organised matches against other classes in your area, with a stronger emphasis on adhering to basketball rules.

To learn more about the next upcoming End-of-Term event in your area, please consult with your coach.



If we've missed something, or you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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