Class Etiquette

We take health and safety very seriously at Young Ballerz Basketball, and that is why we ask you, your children and anyone else attending to familiarise themselves with the following:

  • We encourage all children to 'free play' with the equipment at the beginning of all classes to familiarise themselves with the surroundings, other Ballerz and the basketballs. We ask that this be done respectfully, being mindful of others around them.
  • Shooting a basketball must be done facing the hoop you are aiming for and not with your back to it.
  • The 'adult' or 'grownup' attending are responsible for the child they have brought along for the entire time they are with us and must stay on site.
  • Coaches must remain free to lead the class and speak to individual families about additional requirements, etc.
  • Suitable sportswear is advised, including comfortable closed-toe trainers, shorts/joggers and a top.
  • All prams, bags and other obstructions must be kept around the edge of the basketball court to avoid any trip hazards. Larger objects must be kept outside or in the venue's foyer.
  • Children must bring a water bottle to classes for all drink breaks throughout. Food is only advised after the class has concluded.
  • All medical conditions must be disclosed in advance. Any changes to this must be notified to the coach immediately.
  • If one of the Ballerz becomes disruptive, we may ask them to take time with their grownup to allow the class to continue disruption-free.
  • Due to child protection guidelines, we kindly ask you not to take any photos or videos of your child or other children during the class.
  • Lastly, under no circumstances can a basketball be kicked or sat on. This causes lumps in the material, and as a result, the ball must be thrown away.

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